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NEWEST 21.5lbs Portable Mini Twin Tub Compact Washing Machine Washer Spin DryerQ

NEWEST 21.5lbs Portable Mini Twin Tub Compact Washing Machine Washer Spin DryerQ
NEWEST 21.5lbs Portable Mini Twin Tub Compact Washing Machine Washer Spin DryerQ
NEWEST 21.5lbs Portable Mini Twin Tub Compact Washing Machine Washer Spin DryerQ
NEWEST 21.5lbs Portable Mini Twin Tub Compact Washing Machine Washer Spin DryerQ
NEWEST 21.5lbs Portable Mini Twin Tub Compact Washing Machine Washer Spin DryerQ
NEWEST 21.5lbs Portable Mini Twin Tub Compact Washing Machine Washer Spin DryerQ
NEWEST 21.5lbs Portable Mini Twin Tub Compact Washing Machine Washer Spin DryerQ
NEWEST 21.5lbs Portable Mini Twin Tub Compact Washing Machine Washer Spin DryerQ
NEWEST 21.5lbs Portable Mini Twin Tub Compact Washing Machine Washer Spin DryerQ
NEWEST 21.5lbs Portable Mini Twin Tub Compact Washing Machine Washer Spin DryerQ
NEWEST 21.5lbs Portable Mini Twin Tub Compact Washing Machine Washer Spin DryerQ

NEWEST 21.5lbs Portable Mini Twin Tub Compact Washing Machine Washer Spin DryerQ
Fully/Semi-automatic Compact Portable Washing Machine. Type 1 # 6.6Cu. Ft/ 20.7LBS Full-Automatic Washing Mahine. Washing Capacity - 13.2lbs. 1 x Portable mini washing machine. 1 x Spill water drying cover.

Nictemaw 2 IN 1 Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine. 13.2Lbs Washer + 8Lbs Spin ner with Timer Control. Nictemaw 2021 portable twin tub washing machine is perfect solution for doing laundry in a compact space. It has newest design and adopts latest technology, which makes your washing more faster and cleaner, more comfortable and environmental with less water and energy consumption.

It has powerful washing performance that can wash all kinds of clothes like T-shirts, underclothes, sweater, coat, jeans, sheets, towels, garments and so on. Twin tub compact design, Separate timer control settings for wash and spin operations. It can protect your clothes from damaging while washing. Less water and detergent will be needed with very low energy consumption. Built-in drain pump makes draining out dirty water very easily when finish washing. Its powerful cleaning makes it have broad applications like in Home, Bathroom, Apartment, Dorms, RV camping and so on. Separate timer control settings for washing and spinn ing. Wash timer for 15 mins and spin timer for 5 minutes. Adjust the time of washing clothes with the control timer for your various needs. Turn the current transform switch according to the quantity and the material of the garments. "GENTLE" is for silk floss clothing and "NORMAL" is for linen very dirty garments. "DRAIN":After washing, transfer to this program and start draining. Twin Tub Saves Your Time. You can spin your colthes after finishing your washing, you can have nearly dry clothes shortly, which will save your precious time.

The cover is put on the clothes while spinn ing to prevent the clothes from being thrown out. Easy installation for Inlet Hose.

This portable washer equiped with long inlet hose and very easy for installtion. You can do it by yourself very easily without any troubles. Make your daily life more convenient!

We pay attention to every detail. Equipped with filter net on the side of the washing tub, which can easily storage the dirty when washing, and you could easily pull it off when cleaning the tub. We use the long and high quality drain hose on this portable washer machine to drain out dirty water directly, which is suitable for most apartments, home, bathroom, RV and many other occations. Please read User Manual carefully before using this washing machine. Ensure there is no anything in the clothes pocketsuch as screw, coin etc.

When do fine cleaning, like Women's underwear, thin nylon and polyester materials, please put it into washing bag. To get rid of the mud and sand on clothing before washing. Clothes that easy to float on, please put it in the bottom, in addition, when floating, please stop and press it into the washing liquid.

Please separate thick clothes and thin clothes when washing. Type 2 Full-Automatic Washing Mahine. Nictemaw Portable Full Automatic Washing Machine (2 in 1). Are you still troubled by various problems with laundry?

No time to wash clothes? Too tired at work and don't want to wash clothes? It's too cold in winter to wash clothes?

Washing clothes frequently in summer is too wasteful of time? The wet clothes cannot dry on rainy or cloudy days? It is too expensive and inconvenient to wash clothes in the laundry shop?

Sheets, quilts, blankets, these large pieces of clothing are inconvenient to wash by hand? Choose Nictemaw washing machine, you are right!

Load capacity: 15.6lbs (7KGS). Inner Tub Material: 304 Stainless Steel. Dimensions: 20.2720.8633.85 inch. Power Supply: 110v / 60hz. Rated Power: 310W Product weight: 17.6KG.

Nictemaw 2 in 1 Full Automatic Washer. Solve All Your Washing Problems Completely! Nictemaw, a leading Brand for Washing Machine, this washer is good solution for doing laundry and ideal for small loads, such as underwear, socks, T-shirts, towels, etc. The functions of water inlet, sprinkling, spin and water flow are also made available to save time, labor and water usage. With the integration of new technology, this washer with large wave pulsates and new water flow, will not only produced less twisting of the clothing but also better cleaning and washing effect!

10 washing programs and 8 water level selections can meet all your washing needs! The 24-hour delay function makes your laundry more convenient. Compact design saves more space for your home.

Child Lock makes it more safe for your family! This washing machine is very easy to operate via its touch control panel. Heavy, Soft, Normal, Rapid and Soak programs, you are allowed to quickly start the machine as you need. You can customize washing program by selecting load size, adding additional wash time, rinse time and spin time as well.

Don't worry about the child accidentally touch the washing machine. When the lid is open, the washer will automatically shut off to protect the child touch the machine. Once it is closed, the washer will resume. Bring more safety to your family! 304 Stainless Steel Inner Tub.

Nictemaw Full-Automatic Washing Machine used 304 stainless steel tub for washing, which is more durable, what's more, it gives more protection to your clothes while washing. When the clothing loaded unbalanced, it will automatically start to adjust the imbalance. Unbalance could be a very serious issue for washing machines. It's able to automatically fix the unbalance issue through its Auto Unbalance Detection (AUD) function. It will also alert the user if the problem can't be fixed, ensuring a safe and pleasant experience. This washing machine adopts the Motor of latest technology, which works in very low noise with high power to ensure the best cleaning performance. And it works in very low energy consumption, can save as much as fifty percent energy comparing to similar products. 24 Hours Smart Delay Function. This compact full automatic washing machine owns 24-hour delay function.

You can press the program button to select the desired start time as you like, It can flexibly arrange your own time. This function can bring more convenience to your daily life! Warning: the drainage hose has to be placed on the floor level. It is gravity drainage so far. The washing machine will be inspected one by one for water leakage before out of the factory.

There might be little water left in the machine, which is a normal situation and please don't worry. Every machine is brand new. When unpacking the machine you might see a black rectangle plastic piece under the bottom of the machine please remove it before using the machine.

Type 3 Full-Automatic Washing Mahine. Intelligent Fully Automatic Washing Machine? This washing machine adopts fully automatic design, which realizes fully automatic operation from soaking, washing, rinsing, dehydrating to stopping. And is equipped with a drain pump, which can drain water easily.

In the manual, we also list the reference weights of various clothes. The washing machine comes with 10 program and 8 water levels, as well as an LED display. All operations and functions are clear at a glance, including water level, time, etc.

You can choose the appropriate program and water level according to different fabrics. At the same time, the portable washing machine bucket is also equipped with a bucket lamp function, which will light up when in use, allowing you to clearly observe the washing status. Compact Design and Large Capacity? This washing machine is small and lightweight, can be easily moved, no installation is required, and easy to operate.

The inner tub can hold 15.4 pounds at a time, can wash a lot of clothes, and is equipped with a faucet adapter. It is very suitable for families, dormitories, apartments, RVs and camping. Automatic Imbalance Adjustment and Adjustable Feet? Under normal circumstances, when the clothes in the bucket are placed unevenly, the rotation will cause severe vibration.

In response to this situation, the imbalance adjustment function of the Aolier portable washer will automatically start to adjust the imbalance, and has an adjustable foot to meet your needs. American Stock and High-Quality Service Guarantee? AOLIER portable washing machine is the perfect choice for families, apartments, RV camping and dorms.

This washing machine adopts fully automatic program design, with 10 programs and 8 water levels to choose from, it is a good helper for sharing housework. Once you have set up the washing machine program, you can let it work alone.

The compact and lightweight design allows you to move and transport it anytime, anywhere. The AOLIER portable washing machine uses a stainless steel inner tub, which makes washing safer and more convenient, and can provide you with greater carrying capacity. The user-friendly design of the drain pump eliminates the need to place the drain pipe below the drain port, and the drain will become simpler. In the washing process of the washing machine, it is easy to produce violent shaking, and our automatic unbalance adjustment function can repair this problem well, so that you can use it safely and securely. 10 programs and 8 water level designs.

Automatic unbalance adjustment and adjustable feet. Lamp in the washing machine barrel. 13.2Lbs (6Kg) / 15.4Lbs(7Kg). It is the most intimate gift for wives, mothers, relatives and friends.

We ONLY accept the return for original package. Please make sure that item has NO man-made sabotage. Used items will not be accepted for return. You bought wrong model or wrong color. We promise to help you solve it asap, and make you feel satisfactory absolutely.

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  • Types: 1# 20.7lbs Semi-Auto White
  • Model: NM-1, NM-2
  • Washer Capacity: 20.7LBS,17.6IBS,13.2LBS
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Smart Home Compatibility: None
  • Energy Star: Compliant
  • Water Consumption per Year: /
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Load Type: Top-Loading
  • Type: High-Efficiency/Impeller Washing Machine
  • Installation: Portable
  • Features: Automatic Imbalance Adjustment, 10 Washing Programs, 8 Water Levels, Quiet, Quick Wash, Smart Control
  • Size Category: Standard
  • Color: White,Black-White
  • Operating Sound Rating: 41-50 dB
  • Wash Programs: Easy Care
  • Power: 260W,320W
  • Brand: Nictemaw
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Washing Capacity: 6KG (13.2LBS),8KG(17.6Ibs)
  • Waterproof Grade: IPX4
  • Material: Plastic
  • EC Range: /

NEWEST 21.5lbs Portable Mini Twin Tub Compact Washing Machine Washer Spin DryerQ